Mrs. Danica Radman, ethnomusicologist, musician and visual artist, is the director and coordinator of artistic events and activities in MedILS

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email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

tel: +38521555601

fax: +38521555605

art education:
ballet - classic Russian school.
music - violin, piano, singing;
performer, music/art theory, ethnomusicology.

1988 - 1991 USA: Harvard Widener Library - Milman Parry collection - Albert Lord Private Collection, 15 000 Serbo-Croation folk songs or: was Homer one person or his Masterpieces were a collective memory, oral tradition work - long story, delicate exiting work, first ethnomusicologist engaged in the research of the Collection, after Béla Bartok.
1990: back to FRANCE: Deben Bhattacharya's World music collection - 8 years of research - analyzing traditional instrumental and/or vocal music collected & recorded during 30 years in first half of 20th century - from China to Sweden - for UNESCO and for radio transmissions. 
1991 - 1998: GERMANY - WDR5 Köln Worlds Music transmissions; Radio France for WDR5 
1998 - 2000: TV Mezzo and TV5monde  - music advisor for concert broadcasts ( Festival Flâneries Musicales de Reims and others)
from 2000 on: freelance artist - from photography  to new technologies, sound-image intersection 

30 years of teaching piano and solfeggio... 

many concerts and 5 solo exhibitions
languages: English, French & languages of Balkans