Special Issue "DNA Repair, Genome Stability/Diversity, and Oxidative Stress and Aging, from Bacteria to Human Cells: A Themed Issue in Honor of Prof. Miroslav Radman"

The President of the Republic Zoran Milanović visited the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences - MedILS, an independent, international and non-profit scientific research institute in Split.

Scientific study by Stanford University (USA), was published in the scientific journal PLoS Biology, by professors John PA Ioannidis, Kevin W. Boyack and Jeroen Baas.

Croatian biologist and member of the French Academy of Sciences, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, World Academy of Sciences and European Organization for Molecular Biology (EMBO) Miroslav Radman received the Legion of Honor.

His Excellency Raj Kumar Srivastava, India's ambassador to Croatia, is visiting MEDILS.

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Interview with prof. Radman 

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prof. Radman Interview on HRT radio Split

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Science and Power - How much does modern science serve truth, man, and the public good, and how much does it serve the great centers of financial and corporate power? The topic is commented by MIROSLAV RADMAN, ZORAN ĐERMANOVIĆ and KORADO KORLEVIĆ.

Miroslav Radman - Chevalier de la Legion da le Honore- high French decoration was awarded to Mr. Radman in recognition of his outstanding scientific work in the field of molecular biology.

The book \"Au-delà de nos limites biologiques\" by Miroslav Radman, came out in Slovenia, translated by Maja Kraigher, edited by Modrijan.

"It's wise to be concerned and its dangerous to be hysterical about innovation and new knowledge. I think somebody should be asking at the level of ethics, bioethics,medical ethics, somebody should be there asking the question: who will be responsible for us not doing something that will improve the quality of life of our children?

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