Miroslav Radman wins the 2011 FEMS-Lwoff Award.


Deinove announced that Miroslav Radman (the company\'s co-founder and the Joint Chairman of its Scientific Advisory Board) has been presented with the 2011 Lwoff Award by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS). Professor Radman has been honoured for his discoveries in the field of the molecular mechanisms of DNA damage repair and their role in carcinogenesis and evolution and for the discovery of the mechanism that enables the bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans to \"come back to life\" in a few hours by repairing and reorganizing its genetic material.

\"We are delighted that Miroslav Radman has won the 2011 FEMS-Lwoff Award. It constitutes a magnificent acknowledgment of his major discoveries concerning Deinococcus - discoveries which prompted the creation of Deinove. Thanks to Miroslav\'s patented work, Deinove is now the only company in the world exploiting deinococci-specific genetic tools and using them in industrial applications\", commented Deinove CEO Jacques Biton.

Miroslav Radman\'s work has brought to light the deinococci\'s unique self-repair ability - a property which has enabled these bacteria to enrich their genome through natural evolution over 3 billion years. It has notably enabled them to develop an exceptional natural ability to exploit biomass by borrowing genes from other living organisms. The ability to integrate these survival genes has made the deinococci exceptionally robust and productive candidates for industrial exploitation.