Round Table on Post Doc 22/09/10 with Miroslav Radman and Robert Tjian

Special event 22/09/2010
Round Table on Post Doc with Miroslav Radman and Robert Tijan

If you are wondering : How to find a "good" post doc ? or How to submit a project for a grant application ? or How to choose a lab for an internship ?.. Don't miss this special occasion to have answered these questions or to share your experience on those topics!!!
On the afternoon of Wednesday, September 22nd PhD students will have the opportunity to interact with two scientists on these issues !


First, a round table will be organized with the participation of Miroslav Radman on 1) How to find a good post-doc ?.. 2) How to manage your career as a young scientist ?.. The idea is that younger and older FDV/AIV students meet for a round table to share their questions, ideas, experiences ... Miroslav Radman, founder of TaMaRa's Lab, has profound experience about these questions and is one of the founders of MedILS a doctoral program like FDV _ and will be present to share with us his experience and answer our questions.


After one hour of discussion we will have the great pleasure to have the special visit at the CRI of Robert Tijan ! Discussions will continue with him in an unformal setting.
Dr. Tijan is a prominent biologist working on the biochemistry of gene regulation and is president of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, one of the world's largest private research organization for biological and medical research.



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